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What’s In It For Me?

Indian women have to follow umpteen number of traditions, mostly for the longevity of their husband’s precious life. I’m not even mentioning all the rituals and traditions she has to go through during and after the marriage ceremony! Once married she has to wear a mangalsutra, vermilion, red bindi, toe rings, bangles, anklets to name just a few. These are…

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Embracing The Imperfectly Perfect ‘ME’

Dear 2022, “Perseverance, resilience, patience, endurance, forgiveness, compassion, kindness…. the list of endless, and frankly speaking I’m tired of listening to these words. I’m tired of reading and hearing how to imbibe and practise these qualities for the greater good. No, I don’t want to be strong, resilient, patient, forgiving anymore! I’ve had my share of being good, it’s high…

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Woman On Top… Is It A Turn Off?

(This article is written keeping in mind Indian point of view) Recently we went to meet our friends at their place. Both husband and wife are working and are at top positions in their respective jobs, rather the wife has a much higher profile than the husband. We all were chatting, laughing, having a good time. The wife stood up…

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Diwali Nostalgia With A Dash Of Squid Game

Most of us are familiar with Squid Game by now, it is a Korean series, one of the most-watched, smash hit shows on Netflix. (You can see the logo in the custom designed cover photo of this blog.) A clandestine organisation challenges 456 players from all walks of life – each sunken in debt – to play a series of…

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Patriarchy and the C-Section Scar!

Unfortunately in many countries including India giving birth to a male child is of utmost importance to carry forward the family legacy. To fulfill such wishes women go through immense pain and are reduced to children producing machines.

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